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March 14, 2017

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I’m so pissed! I went to an IME, who obviously denied me. I applied for an appeal and checked the box to be paid while waiting. Well I got an overpayment. I ended up winning my appeal. They issued a payment last night and applied it to the flipping overpayment! The overpayment that’s supposed to be cleared since I won my damn appeal! And of course no fucking one can help me. And they tell me in the overpayment number that my claim is handled in Long Beach, which is seriously like 90 miles from my fucking house. So if this shit can’t get handled today I guess I’m dragging my 2 year old to damn Long Beach!

So I checked the box to be paid waiting for my appeal when I was denied. Then the IME denied me and I got an overpayment. Well I appealed it, and I won. So I get an email today that they applied my payment to my overpayments? WTF! The judge reversed it, so I shouldn’t have any overpayment. It’s even stated on the paperwork that the date is as of the date before my IME. And of course I can’t get anyone to help me. I called the overpayment number and they told me they can’t help me because they just get the information to collect and that’s it. And of course you can’t get a hold of anyone on the phone.

So I went out on disability and submitted a claim over a month ago. I had my Dr fill out and then we submitted the proper paperwork. Now when I go to the EDD website my account doesn’t show any claims and if I try to talk with someone all I ever get is we have to many people in the waiting list try back later. What the hell is going on with the EDD and this crappy site. It takes about 5 minutes to get to the point to try and actually talk with someone then they disconnect you! Getting pissed off and needing to get paid for the weeks of work I was out. They need to revamp not only the website but the whole system which just sucks.

Pathetic site

February 12, 2017

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Have not received 1099G to complete 2016 tax return. Called and after having to enter my SSN and date of birth (which is absurd to have to enter in today’s world especially when considering the amount of stolen identity cases occur each day), auto message stated no record found so have to call back during regular business hours (which means hours of waiting on hold). Searched more online and found I can get info online at UI site. Supposedly, have to use my SDI login. Tried numerous times, does not work. Keeps stating incorrect password entered, though no problem accessing SDI account online. Seems the 2 related sites would be linked. If received SDI, why is there not a link on that site to the 1099G info?

I had filed Dec 14 for disability, I currently had a EDD UI claim open ,but did not receive any benefits due to being penelatize, I waited 2 weeks and did not hear anything from SDI, I called and they said they we’re waiting for a respond from my former employer to see if I eligible for benefits, I called today Jan 10 and they lady informed me that since I had a EDD UI claim open I had to wait 30 more days before they can process my state disability . Has anyone been through a similar experience ? How can I appeal? I need my money ASAP.

Just checked account after the 1000th time waiting since I certified online at 5am on the 1st. Just got it at 8pm. Check your accounts!

I was denied in withdrawing my money from my EDD debit card account on 11/11/2016.
The teller at this BofA branch, 8850 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683, initially told me that this branch does not handle EDD Debit account. Then he asked me if I have a BofA account, I replied “no”. Then he said that if I have the pin# I can use the ATM machine in the lobby. I told him I want to withdraw all my money in the account. He said sorry and I asked him when did they start to not processing EDD debit account at teller window. He said that they stopped processing EDD debit account since beginning of the year 2016. I told him that EDD website said I can use any BofA branch. I was so mad since I have been waiting in the teller’s line for 15 minutes. I have emailed the info to all the BofA officers.