web cert

my edd web cert says paid , b of a said they cant help. have to wait for edd. anyone have same issues today?

I certify for benefits in CA. Early like literally as soon as it hits 12am on Sunday. My payment usually hits that evening if not by early Monday morning. Now because of the holiday I’m a bit worried. My status says paid on web cert but I keep checking BofA and no money. I heard the prompt of BofA saying funds should be there late Tuesday early Wednesday. Is it because of the New year that the office and bank are causing delays? Did anyone else have this issue or could it be there’s a hold on my claim? Anyone going through this please feel free to comment.

Every time I try and use the web cert, it crashes. The questionnaire is quick enough, but it always gets me while filling out the work search history. I save as a draft each time, but half the time that crashes the site itself. How many items should I be putting out there anyways? I would rather get no money at all than deal with that site trying to enter my full work search history.

Wassup with yall grown folks ! I am in a good mood heres why. If anybody as remembered me posting about web certifying at 2:00 am on sunday my payments are in and I assure you that web certify is the best since it took less than 24 hours! Dont believe what they say about web cert just take your time and do it..its your money you know, now It may be different for you but I am just surprised. I am new to unemployment so please understand. Happy fathers day and go warriors we will get a ring next year

Just certified early sunday morning (today) around 2:00 Am when should I recieve benefits ? I did it through web cert, everyone says 48 hours butt i I was hoping it may be different lol let me know

8 35 pm. no deposit
pacific time here.

Until very recently, EDD was sending me my claim forms at least one day before I was supposed to mail them. (No, I don’t use web cert. I could never get it to accept my info even though it was accurate.) Now they’re coming a day late which puts the payments behind a day or so. And since today is a postal holiday, the claim form won’t arrive till tomorrow, which means a further delay. Sigh…Should I try the web cert again?