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November 14, 2015 · 5 comments

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So earlier this week i tried to certify on ui online. I forgot my password and got locked out. I called tech support and they sent me a temporary password and unlocked my account. The guy said to give it a hour then set up a new password. When i copied and pasted the temporary password it doesnt accept it. I called tech support multiple times spoke with customer service they were clueless transferred me to tech support. Tech support was clueless too! They kept trying new temporary passwords tried doing iy themselves and it still does not work. I tried calling in to certify and it says my social and weekly amount does not match! So frustrated and confused! I went down to edd showed them exactly whats going on the guy was baffled said hes never seen this and to contact tech support. I called in front of him on speaker and got the same answer tried sending a new temporary password which of course doesn’t work! No one can give me a answer or help me. I ended up emailing and asking for them to mail me the forms to certify. I have tried using all different browsers and on my phone and tablet and laptop. Nothing works!

  • nina

    I forgot to mention that i can try to put in a password more than 3 times and it never locks me out. Tech support said they cant do anything until I make the account lock itself

  • Rene Risha

    The first thing they should have asked is if you recognize the personal image and caption when you entered your username. If the username is not correct no temporary password will work. I’m not saying that you did it wrong, but it’s a common issue. Use the forgot username link to verify your username. Hopefully your correspondence method is email and not US mail.

    • nina

      Everything matches correct image and caption. I have called, went to edd and email

      • nina

        User name, image, caption, social, weekly amount everything matches edd records but it still wont accept the temporary passsord or let me certify over the phone.

        • Rene Rishi

          Have you ever ever been able to certify using UI Online? Sometimes people assume that their old Web-Cert credentials will work with UI Online. UI Online requires its own registration process that includes your EDD customer account number and a unique link emailed to you.
          Make sure you copy and paste all of characters and punctuation in the temporary password., if there is a period or any punctuation at the end of the sentence it’s probably part of the password.

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