Terms and Conditions

Posting to this site

This site is entirely user generated. My job is just to facilitate and maintain a somewhat respectable environment. Therefor I must ask that you follow some guidelines and rules.

No posting personal or private information of others

You may post publicly available information but posting peoples personal telephone, email, or home addresses is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! This will result in a permanent ban from posting on this site.


In an attempt to organize this site, I have required the use of categories on posts. I know that they are fairly general and that many times you post will fit into multiple categories; however, please choose the category that best fits your mood.

Where’s my Money!?
Use this category if your payment is late or if the Tele Cert or Web Cert system is down.

Use this category for rants and anytime your main focus is to blow off steam or share a horror story.

This is for asking questions and trying to sort though this bureaucratic nightmare.

Please share any tips, news, or words of encouragement here. We also like to hear your success stories and anything that doesn’t seem to fit in the other categories.

Only post stories, tips, news, and questions relating to the CA EDD.

Lets stay focused here. If you want to reply to someone please do that in the comment section. This site is growing and, in order to provide high quality news and resources, I ask that your posted be focused on these things. No personal attacks or irrelevant content is welcome here. I know that politics are a very emotionally charged topic and have a direct effect on the unemployed and disabled; however, I must ask that you keep political rants and conversations to a minimum.

Foul and Offensive Language

Swearing is definitely allowed (perhaps even encouraged!) here. Feel fee to curse, swear, and vent in any way you would like, particularly if posting in the “Pissed!” category. Due to the intense emotional nature that we deal with on this site, I am very lenient of “offensive” language. However, I do draw the line at blatant racist and discriminatory slurs against religions, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc.. Such posts will be deleted and the poster’s IP number may be temporarily or permanently banned from making any future posts.

Banning of IP addresses

Every time a post is made to this site your IP address is stored and linked to that post. IP addresses may be banned from posting on this site. The ban may be temporary or permanent depending upon the severity of the offense and if there is a problem with repeated offenses. The following things can get your IP banned: repeated off-topic posts, threats of violence, incoherent and/or obnoxious behavior, sexual language, racist comments and racial slurs, too much political ranting, posting others’ personal information i.e. phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc.. If you have been banned, wait a few days and try again. I usually delete temporary bans once a week. If you feel that you have been banned unfairly then contact me with your IP address and I will look into it.

Editing Posts

Unfortunately the software plug-in that I use for posting on this site dose not display your formatting and just shows your post as a block of text. Hopefully in the near future there will be a better plug-in available but for now I manually go in and edit your posts to add paragraph formatting back in. I usually fix spelling errors as well. I also maintain the right to delete posts or portions of posts that are off offensive, off topic, or violate any of the terms set forth in this agreement.

Tips on Posting

Before posting do some research on this site first. We have had so many people come and post a question that is easily answered just by poking around a bit on this site. These kind of questions tend not to get much attention. Do a bit of research first. Another thing is to be clear and concise with your questions and to give some details about your particular situation. This site gets a fair amount of traffic; however, it is greatly variable on a day to day basis. Some days are just slow and you may not get any response for a while. If your question gets buried in the shuffle and you didn’t get a response, then wait a while and try restructuring it a bit before re-posting.
One other note: Avoid using all CAPs. If your angry go ahead and use caps to emphasize key point and choice words. Please do not write your whole post in caps.


Commenting on peoples post is highly encouraged and basically falls under the same rules as posting to the site: no discriminatory statements, keep politics to a minimum, and stay on topic. Also comments that are just personal attacks on other commenters or post authors are also subject to deletion.


In an effort to make people feel safe posting their stories and questions, I have allowed people to post to this site without signing up for a user name or even asking for an email address. You should know that your IP address is logged when visiting this website (or any other website for that matter). If this is a concern then use a web proxy server that will mask your IP address when surfing the internet.

Disquis, the commenting software that running on this site requires that you submit an email address or Facebook or Twitter account log in. It does NOT require a valid email address. If you are concerned about privacy then by all means, use a fake address and user name. The only thing that I ask is that you keep these consistent while using this site in order to make interacting with others more orderly. The only downside to submitting a fake address is that you will not be able to subscribe to the comments.