They aren’t going to extend EUC

December 10, 2013 · 49 comments

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God i hope the long term have really embraced this and haven’t been just sitting there crossing their fingers. They will not be extending EUC any longer. The writing was on the table months ago when sequester began and the targets have been repeatedly the poor man at the bottom of the totem pole. Those americans that are lucky to be working or who have married wealth or inherited all believe the long term unemployed and most on welfare are just the scum of the earth. They bitch they are personally paying for all these so called free loaders through taxes when the truth is they pay less than 11% for welfare while spending near 80% on killing human beings. God help this nation because the millions being shoved over the cliff will do what it takes to survive and no they won’t be running to fast food or cleaning someones toilet. They will do what it takes and if it means breaking the law then so be it. You don’t starve someone out and leave them penniless and then giggle behind their back and say.. now this will FORCE them to take those grunge jobs that still won’t pay enough to feed and house them. They will get even.–finance.html

  • L

    I guess I picked the wrong time to be unemployed. I should have been unemployed a few years ago. Very disappointing.

    • Stupid is …

      You choose this?

      • who is stupid?

        Are you too dense to recognize sarcasm?

        • Stupid is …

          Have you read my other post?

  • Taknote

    Democrats are going to seek extension of the fed benefits in a separate bill.

    • J

      Good luck with that.

    • Ruin the rich

      not gonna happen. i guess for some they actually need to actually be in the nightmare to finally accept. They are killing the poor man off. No benefits. no support, No hope. It’s gone. They have no empathy. They’ve been running test patterns for this moment all year long with sequester. EUC is done. Capoot. Gone. Over. Run to social services. Find out how to manufacture weed. Take care of your family as best as you can because the wealthy honestly thinks this is just awesome. I will burglarize as many wealthy greedy homes as possible. I’ll damage their automobiles. Until we are all crawling on our bellys they will never understand what they have allowed.

      • Wut

        So it’s live off the dole or become a criminal? Those are your only two options?

        • you really are stupid

          They are going to survive either way.

        • this is the change

          What choices are left when someone has looked for work of any kind day in and day out for 15 months (for example) and cannot get hired because that person is too old, too experienced, too young, too inexperienced, has the wrong type of experience, is not right for the company “culture”, has the wrong skin color, etc, ?

          • Bill

            Agree. Especially if you are a WHITE, STRAIGHT, MALE – you are totally phucked! Done. And if you’re in your 50s – REALLY PHUCKED! And no, I don’t mean in the behind either. This is what our “politically correct” society has come to. CONGRATS all…!

          • this is the change

            White females in their 50s or 60s are done for as well. Unless the woman can afford to have “work” done to look younger, get her hair colored and styled on a regular basis, be trim and in shape, have stylish attire, etc. she is pretty much considered worthless.

        • Stupid is …

          I better lock my car. BTW there are security cameras 🙂

        • you really are stupid

          just as you feel it’s the best choice to yank money from the poor as some lesson it’s time the extreme wealthy learn what it’s like to have it all yanked and have them ruined and begging for mercy. They’d stop dead in their tracks and realize they’ve done the exact same things to other humans and perhaps NEVER would they attempt this little game again. Why do those blowhards never come fwd and say they have jobs available that pay exactly what they are getting come on by and you are hired? The answer is just as sick as killing off the poor. They still need the poor to be crawling and doing the grunge work for next to no pay. They wouldn’t dream of letting the poor man into their world. RUIN THEM!! Bring them to their knees. Take every last penny those rich mother fuckers have. Have them begging for a crust of bread. Tell them fast food is hiring ya bum!

          • Ano

            And what exactly is your plan to accomplish this? Just asking…

          • Just The Facts

            I’m still waiting, have you heard the answer? Just asking.

  • In The News

    It’s not over yet – from NBC NEws:

    “The deal also leaves some key elements facing Congress unsolved. Continued unemployment benefits, which Democrats want to authorize before the end of the year, are not part of the agreement. One idea under discussion, per a senior Senate Democratic aide, is agreeing to hold a separate vote on unemployment insurance this week.”

  • Ano

    Hey, hey, hey – hold up! I think that perhaps you’re hanging with the wrong crowd! Nobody thinks that the unemployed are no good, or lazy, or bums, or whatever else you said.

    I deal with unemployed folks every day, and for the most part, they all work their tails off trying to find a good job. By good I don’t just mean the pay, but the entire package: a good solid company which will be here next year, which offers benefits and a retirement package, which rewards hard work and promotes within, etc. People just want to go to work and be proud of the day they’ve put in.

    Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, and a few bad apples in every barrel. However, don’t throw ALL of the unemployed under the bus! It is true that it is easier to find a new job or get hired, if you ARE working, but in today’s market, that is not likely. Also, part of the problem is that whether someone is a HS grad or a college grad, in the beginning they have high, “unrealistic” expectations. By the time they realize just what the market will or will not support, they have passed-up opportunities which others did grab – it is a learning experience. However, once you’ve sent out hundredths of resumes and can’t even get one interview, it can discourage a person. I always tell them to never give up,

    Two last points: one, we don’t yet know what this worthless congress in going to do, and two, the difference between today’s unemployed and those from let’s day our parent’s time, is that our parents WENT to where the jobs were, because they didn’t want to starve and were also a more willing to move society than the society we face today. This of course creates another problem, as the jobs are not going to come to you. I tell folks this all the time, and I’ve heard the excuses – I don’t have the $ to move, I don’t want to leave my family & friends, I like living in CA, etc. I get ALL of this, but it still won’t produce a job which one needs. Again, just one persons opinion.

    Let’s see what congress does…..

  • RISE UP …

    We can’t wait for Congress, we can’t “wait n see”. We ALL pay taxes, even when you get EDD … good luck there!!!

    Get out from behind that keyboard and get to your local EDD office Dec 20th. You either do this or you need to shut the F#ck UP!!!

    Your tax dollars, AND your EDD INSURANCE is being whored our to politicians. If you are so far under a rock you don’t see it, then it won’t matter to you, just move on loser.

    Get up, get your voice out, STOP THIS Dec 20th!!!

  • fuck it. I’ll steal

    There is money to be made with weed. it will pay the bills and put food on your table. I’ve already talked to a few friends and we are all in. i’ve put in resume after resume. interview after interview. Begged. kissed ass. cut back, starved. Temp jobs. underpaid. Sat back puzzled how this has become an impossible task to simply find a job that is permanent and is actually offering a livable wage. My skills are too competitive in that you have to compete like a damn miss america contestant to get the job and in the end the one chosen is selected not based on skill but if they looked the best of kissed ass the best. This is bullshit.

    • Now You’re Up To Date

      All right then, let me get ready for you ..


    • Com’on Down

      click, click

    • the other reality

      click click

    • ask questions later

      If someone breaks into my home I will shoot and ask questions later.

  • Ano

    For those of you considering any illegal activities, do remember that it’s not worth your life. About a month or so ago NBC or ABC (can’t recall which) had a report on how today (especially after 09/11), 72% of ALL American households have some sort of weapon, and 35+% (I don’t know how they know this) are NOT registered. They also didn’t specify “hand-guns VS riffles.”

    I can tell you this (just for my household), though I have been a tax paying, law abiding citizen my entire life, and though we have an alarm system, IF someone breaks into our home, I GUARANTEE you that the first thing they’ll hear is a very loud and deep “click-click!” Double-eyed-buck….., click-click just doesn’t seem to do it justice, eh?

    Other than target shooting, I always pray that we’ll never have to use our weapons. I’m sure that others feel the same way.

    • YUP

      I don’t have an unregistered weapon, it was —> his!!!1

  • Bob

    Don’t freak out. This happened last year too. Just go into the archives and read about it.

    • whatev

      A lot of people dont seem to like reading…lol

  • You know

    In your initial post you write:

    “…they won’t be running to fast foods nor cleaning toilets…”

    I believe you’ve called them “grunge jobs.” Well moron, I know quite a few people who work these grunge jobs and they pay their rent and put food on the table! These are decent working people, who don’t go out there and break the law (like you’re planning to!).

    I wouldn’t hire someone with your mentality to walk my dog!

  • Bill

    We at EDD have been telling you for months now, to prepare. You wouldn’t listen. NOW you’re upset? Did you think we were BS’ing you?

    • calm down, wait and see

      I am betting that the feds will extend the UI benefits for next year, with fewer tiers. I have no stake in it either way because I have exhausted all the tiers which were available to me. I did not get tier 4 because of the erroneous unemployment rate which the feds claimed for California, and I do not think that anyone else will collect tier 4 benefits after the end of 2013. Wait and see. Oh, and calm down. There is no need for you to come to this site and yell at the unemployed.

    • Just The Facts

      Bill … this is what is wrong … you have an attitude of “We the all mighty of EDD” … the fact is, YOU work for US. YOU are in fact a paid employee of ME. I know a lot of YOU state workers have lost touch with that concept, but let’s face it, it is the truth.

      So … here’s what going to happen “employee” Bill, we’re going to make a visit on Dec 20th to see what you’re doing with our investment.

      We haven’t seen any return on our investment for a long while, I’m not getting any dividends. There is some concern…. Yes, I think you are BS’ing me!!!!


  • chapo guzman

    Start selling drugs my people. Not weed tho to much competition. Meth is a good profit. Buy a ounce for $500 sell it make $2,800 sell 2 ounces per month at least and wat ever u get with Edd u guys will b fine

    • Bill

      Do you look good in orange?

      • deep in the brown

        Do you look good in brown? You do work for EDD, do you not?

    • I do not think so

      O.K. I will contact my meth connection and place an order for an ounce. lol.

    • thank you

      Was that you I saw hoppin the fence on COPS???


      • chapo guzman

        Ill front u an ounce if u want. N no it wasn’t me cops don’t do shit to you if u pay them more than what their salary is. Have u seen me in the DEA show?

        • whatev

          Bahahahahaha Lmao @ your name chapo…..can I join in? Front me and I’ll make double the profit. Yeeeeeeee lol

          • chapo guzman

            Ok u better pay me back. Don’t fuck with us cuz I don’t want to cut ur head off

          • whatev

            Of course im going to pay you back….after all, you are helping me out. Lets get rich and take over california

          • chapo guzman

            Ok lets make a tunel from ur house to my house

  • TotalBlackout

    So then where are all the f’n jobs at? I sent out over 100 resumes since I got laid off in Feb. and only had 2 phone calls for jobs, both being low paying temp jobs, non living wages. Years ago you could get another job in the same week of being laid off, not now. People need to be smacked around.

    • rubeN

      I hear yah. It’s not like before where u could start a new job the following week.

    • Answers

      I hope you just using a random number for resumes you’ve turned in. When I was unemployed I was putting in 100 a month. 100 is only 10 months is nothing.

  • Frank

    I did some research, and it seems like this dialog goes on every year about extensions, yet it always gets passed through. I’m not saying it will for sure, but I think there is a little more hope than some are leading on to.

  • Hiopl

    I guess all be sucking cock , and selling my ass…$$$ and exes tension…..:(

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