• abc

    You had to wait a week for your first payment, which was for only one week. So that means your last payment is a week too. 
    1 + (12 x 2) + 1 = 26 weeks.

  • abc

    Also don’t freak out when you get to Tier 2. It is 14 weeks total, but is made up of 13 weeks of EUX and 1 week of EUY (I learned from ask EDD). So you will get (6 x 2) + 1, then another extension for 1 more week for a total of 14 weeks.

  • abc

    So after you certify on 6/24 for the 26th week, you should be receiving info about your Tier 1 extension next week.

  • EDD needs help

    this just happened to me….almost exactly.  Except, because I didn’t realize it,  I filed my one week after the time it would have been for the the two week payment….if that makes sense.  Now, I’m wondering if there is anything else I need to do to make sure my next 2 payment (first extension payment) will be taken care of.

    • Anonymus_One

      So you went beyond your 14 day filing window on your continued claim form?  You may have to call EDD and see if they filed you for an automatic extension.  After I filed my last claim form on initial 26 weeks, a few days later they sent me a letter about EDD automatically filing extension for me and qualifying for tier 1 and that my claim forms would be sent and I would need to send them back to EDD.  My continued claim form came the next day.

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