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    yes it’s a seamless transaction between all tiers

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    Not really seamless, I was on a Tier 1 extension.  My claim ended on 4/15/12 and set to transition to Tier 2.  I got a letter stating that I was gonna be transitioned to that tier with no interruption.  Then I received an award letter telling me that because wages had been report during the last 18 months that a new claim had been filed for me by the EDD.  That’s when the dodo hit the fan.  During my parent claim, I worked a seasonal job for the big box retailer with a bullseye and my previous full-time employer reported my sevarence payment as income my New claim was sent for recomp.  That was back on April 15, it is now June 8 and the recomp is still pending and i have received any payments in almost two months.  I have called EDD every other day to check the status and keep getting the same answer.  So the moral to the story is, if you have not had any income reported then it SHOULD be seamless, if not then get ready for some serious BS.  Getting ready to call my creditors to tell them i have no money to pay them this month.  

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