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August 24, 2013 · 2 comments

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I emailed the EDD earlier this week in regard to something about my claim. They answered my question and also informed me that I am now on Tier #3.

In a separate email I asked them when I will receive the paperwork for Tier 3. They didn’t answer my question about the paperwork. The last correspondence I got by regular mail from them was two weeks ago.

Why the long delay with regular mail? I thought I would have had something by now. I’ve been getting something from them on a regular basis except for the month of August.

Also for those who started on Tier 3, how long of a wait did you have in getting your first claim form for Tier 3 in the mail? Also how much of a wait did you have in receiving the letter stating that Tier 3 is filed for you in the mail? I thought for each extension there’s no delays.

  • ConfusedinCA

    The Department files the next extension effective the next business day after your last payment on the previous claim is authorized. Delays in mail are the purview of the USPS, unless the Department.
    Sometimes (rarely) a print job failed to run overnight. Print jobs that fail to run are run again the next day so any delay would be minimal.

    • clfrnedtr

      Thanks for the info.

      I have not received a claim form. I have also not received the notice of .eligibility. I’ll have to write to them through Ask EDD and see what is happening.

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