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January 4, 2018 · 2 comments

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I know the phone lines have been extremely busy recently but here’s something that may help you connect with UI faster. It wont get you through right away but it makes the process a little easier. Good luck.

Dial 1-800-300-5616
As soon as you hear the recording dial: 1
Wait until you hear “BPO”
Then dial 6-7-3-SSN-1

If you hear “all of our representatives are busy…” DIAL: 3
If you hear “due to the number of callers” hang up and try again.

  • EDD Can’t Help Everyone

    Despite a healthly economy EDD is underfunded in Workforce Services which is the only staff in branch offices plus SDI in some branches. No UI Staff. CA legislature pulled UI staff out of branches starting in 1997. UI is all behind the scenes via phone, mail fax and internet.

    • JSA

      Right, hence this post.

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