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June 15, 2017 · 2 comments

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I missed my phone interview and had called to reschedule or verify the information they needed. I’m on ‘recess’ for school district and they wanted to verify the time of recess etc. But because my cell service sucks I didn’t get the call until after the interview time. I called them back but didn’t receive a call yet. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Anyhow, on the site it showed the weekly benefit amount and the claim amount. Now when I had done this once before a couple years ago. I don’t really like doing this because of the hassle so I avoid it unless I absolutely need too. Even though everyone says I should just do it. – Off point, when I had done it those years ago to now I made less then. But my claim amount this time is less than what I had gotten in the past.

Soo before the amount had showed, I check earlier today and there was an amount pending when I checked again today it shows 0.00 for both claim and weekly. It says my certification is still pending.

Why’d it go from the amount to 0.00? Are they recalculating? (hopefully because it did seem odd I made more in the past on UI instead of more this time, since I had made more money this year.)

It says on the site they are doing maintenance too on friday. Could that be why as well? It doesn’t say I was denied or anything so I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them.. Hopefully I can get through to someone and find out what the deal is. UGH this is stressful because I have a car payment due. Oi.

  • whewbubbles

    Ok! it has gotta be their site because I went back and looked on the mobile version and it still shows my claim amount and weekly balance. Talk about stress a person out! Hopefully missing that phone interview doesn’t screw it up.

    • Guest

      You can reschedule your interview online instead of calling EDD. Please refer to the instructions provided via this link

      Chances are your account will remain in the pending status until you complete the interview. Perhaps you could also add that the cell phone coverage in your area is not good, and the interviewer might take that into consideration when calling. Good luck!

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