Unemployment Delay??

August 20, 2013 · 5 comments

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I submitted my biweekly claim form via webcert on Sunday in the early morning. Typically my payment arrives via b of a Monday night between 9-1030. It is now Tuesday August 20th and still nothing. I could not get through to speak to a representative, so I sent an email via Ask Edd. The answer the gave me was very brief, and I was told that it could take up to 10 days to receive payment. Webcert says submitted on 8/19/2013. Anyone else having the same problem? If so have you been able to get through to the EDD?

  • Ladiecasie

    I’m waiting on mine also. I submitted early Sunday morning and checked on Tuesday around 4:30 pm nothing. So I waited to check after midnight and still nothing. My fingers are crossed that it will be there tomorrow.

    • Diana

      Same thing with me except mines says issued 8/20 but nothing there. I feel like crying stupid edd where’s the money’s when u need it!

  • LGB

    I am having the same problem too. Im gald Im not the only one. The whole state of ca govt sucks. and they keep jacking up taxes

  • Sam

    I submitted my Claim on 8/11/13 through Web-Cert and still have not received anything. Web-Cert says issued on 8/16/13. I contacted EDD through the contact EDD section of the website, they responded a day later.
    “Your issue has been addressed with a whole check transf done 082013; this process may take some time. Thank you for your inquiry.”
    Not sure exactly what this means, would anyone be able to elaborate?

  • Dachef

    I finally got them. They are very backed up. The man was very nice. They owe me 4 months of back pay..I had to appeal and I won..When he looked at how much they owe me. He apologized and said very politely thank you but I need my money. He said I would have at least 900 tonight. But again he did say they are very backed up..I hope this helps

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