• Anonymous

    Yeah and it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to it- many people have posted on here that they got paid right away and others have been waiting for weeks, whether they filed on the phone, online, or mailed in a claim. Calling doesn’t help even when you do get through in my experience. I’ve been waiting like you since the 15th. What a mess. Guess I am going to have to pull$$$ out of thin air to pay my rent, cable, electric, and phone! Shut off notices here I come! Go to Hell EDD!!!!:(

  • un-employed

    Agree—Go to HELL EDD!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have had some success after emailing the legislative office, I still haven’t been paid but I did get a phone call back, I just emailed them again as mine is a complex issue that apparantley the edd claim specialists can’t communicate with each other- anyway i have read that some people have gotten paid after contacting them. the email is
    eddlegislativeoffice@edd.ca.gov – when i send the email i give my d.o.b. ss # and address so they can research the claim before responding. i know it has worked for some people, i am sure they are starting to get annoyed with people contacting them all the time but since edd won’t answer the phone, what else can you do. i hope you guys get paid:)

  • Anonymous

    the whole EDD payment thing is very strange. i have been on UI for a long time, and except for holidays and one instance, i have never had delays in my payment, via paper check or online deposit. my friends on UI have also had timely payment. yet some people on this site and on EDD’s facebook have had long, unexplainable delays. i wonder if some of these delays are caused by working part-time and reporting wages and from submitting the FED-ED claims which require you to report your job search. all of the mailing in causes a human being to process the claim and analyze what the recipient reports. i am very sorry for those people who are waiting for their payments. i hope these folks have friends or family members that can help.

  • Anonymous

    I posted on Friday that the EDD office is experiencing an increase in unemployment claims. I found out from my local district assemblyman’s office after they did some research on their end.

    Allegedly, EDD is busy processing new claims from the increase and they are backed up. The tele-cert hasn’t updated for me to begin claiming January.

  • Anonymous

    I know, I have to mail my paper claims in and the last thing web cert said – this morning is mail paper claim for week ending jan 7. i mailed that in on the 12, since they got it to me late. i wish they would just post their delay on their facebook or web page rather than having people worry and call the legislative office, email the governer, and contact their assemblymen! it would make it so much easier if they would just be honest. unbelievable.

  • jess

    So could this be why my claim form isnt here yet??????

  • ED 562

    iAGREE EDD Service sucks they should be more organized after all those years of service!

  • gjoe

    We need 2 join and have a law suit against them.They should get a fine for late payments. If u make a payment late there is a charge well the same should go for them. gjoe

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