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March 26, 2014 · 60 comments

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Senate took a HOUSE bill, H.R. 3979, which had PASSED in House under suspension of the rules for non-controversial bills. Now attaching legislation for EUI to that passed HOUSE bill, using that bill as ‘a vehicle’ for a UI vote. Will vote on passing H.R.3979 w/ that UI legislation included, and that sends it back to the House for a vote on that newly included/passed Senate verbiage (for UI), thereby bypassing Boehner. Absolutely brilliant

  • what?

    How do you know this? Please list your source!

    • Really ????

      No ….. Why don’t you use google dipshit or try checking the senate calendar ????????????????????????????????????

      • trolling along

        LoL! Just another worthless post from a worthless troll!

        • Anja

          I’m the op but didn’t post the above response. Sorry for not including the link I was a little excited! It’s on the senate calendar for tomorrow

          • No worries

            I’m so so sick of this up and down roller coaster ride we’re all on. I hear nothing but bad things then a glimmer of hope only to hear to next day we’re all screwed again. Then don’t get me started on the damn trolls. We all need jobs not handouts. This is a much needed resource for exactly that, to find work. I pray that this happens for all that truly need it!

    • Nothing has changed

      John Boehner Dismisses Unemployment Extension, Again

      Posted: 03/26/2014 4:57 pm EDT Updated: 03/26/2014 5:59 pm EDTPrint Article

      “I made clear that if we’re going to consider dealing with unemployment — emergency unemployment — we’ve got to do something about creating better jobs in America, higher wages in America,” Boehner said. “The Senate is sitting on dozens of bills that we’ve sent over there. I think it’s time for the Senate to work with the House to get the economy moving again. That’s the real issue.”

      Boehner’s comments reiterated remarks he made the day before, in which he suggested restoring the benefits would be bad policy.


      • All three yo….

        Why not do all three? Dag!

  • Seriously

    I just checked the democrat senate calendar and verified yes they are doing it this way thank goodness I think we have some hope people !!!!! They just need to flippin vote on it tomorrow and I don’t see a vote listed! They need to hurry up and hold a vote already

  • Jay

    Can’t find confirmation.

    • jay

      Found it

  • Bonerfied

    Source: http://democrats.senate.gov/2014/03/27/senate-floor-schedule-for-thursday-march-27-2014/#.UzOKPfldVIm

    Cloture has been filed via this method mentioned. Whether or not it can absolutely bypass Boner’s influence, I don’t know. Also if someone here can demonstrate how this is a slam dunk – right to Obozo’s desk to sign – even with Boner out the way, please do.

    • jay

      Just looked at it. Sounds good.

      • Lol

        My butt hole itches !!!!!!!!!

        • Dr. Political Butthole Science

          You should suggest that Boner itch your butthole on tape… it would of course require that you execute a successful plot to seduce him. The persistent itching of your butthole should provide some motivation. A soothing tongue upon it could not fail to provide at least temporary relief. Perhaps he’ll even clean it for you.

          I hear he’s fond of liquor, that’s one place to start. Then find a private place (bathroom stall, etc.) and get your miniature camera to tape him butthole-licking and then leak to the press… TMZ is faster than CNN.

          Other surveillance tapes will naturally follow… this way we increase our odds of getting Boner out of the picture one way or another (bill 3979 or your own private butthole being licked by Boner on national television.)

          • Name

            You should be a screen-writer.

    • Any advice

      So here’s my question please don’t laugh but what is cloture ?? Does that mean a vote ?? Or just to bring something up I don’t get it ?? Please don’t tell me to use google like that above troll lol I’m just simply asking the question I was cut off in December and need the money bad

      • Jay

        Cloture is a motion or process in parliamentary procedure aimed at bringing debate to a quick end.

  • Thanksforthesummary

    Wow, feel like I’m reading something from House of Cards

    • ganymede3010

      Frank Underwood would of gotten this bill passed already.

      • XclusiveTrax

        Hahaha ain’t that the damn truth though

  • Yep

    They hope to get the vote done tomorrow evening or Friday morning at latest.

    • Question

      So if they vote tomorrow and it passes is that a done deal then or do they have 5 preliminary votes before the real deal ?? Anyone know this ??? If it passs can we expect edd to restart the program and please no troll posts !!

  • Tired

    Does any one know – Do the REPUBLICANS want H.R.3979 to pass? Is H.R.3979 important to them? I saw the calendar, but I want to know how powerful of a vehicle H.R.3979 is.

    • Jay

      I think the main point of this was bypassing the Speaker and his conservative group. There is already enough support overall the pass an up or down vote.

      • simon

        Hi Jay, can you please explain how/why this by passes the speaker? Apologies in advance, I am not educated on how Congress works.

        • Now I have hope

          I’m not jay but I do know this it bypasses the speaker because this bill already passed the house on 3/11/14 so it just needs a vote from senate to add euc then goes straight to president so house does not see this bill again only the senate which clearly has the votes this is wonderful news ! Smart idea

          • Unemployed Policy Analyst

            S.1747 – Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2013113th Congress (2013-2014)


            Sen. Reed, Jack [D-RI] (Introduced 11/20/2013)

            Cosponsors:7Latest Action:11/20/2013 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance.


            This bill has the status Introduced

            Here are the steps for Status of Legislation:


            Passed Senate

            Passed House

            To President

            Became Law

            Primary Subject:

            Labor and Employment

            View all subjects

            Hide Overview








            Related Bills

            Related Bills: S.1747 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)

            A related bill may be a companion measure, an identical bill, a procedurally-related measure,
            or one with substantive similarities. Bill relationships are
            identified by the House, the Senate, or CRS, and refer only to
            same-congress measures.

            Latest Title
            Relationships to S.1747
            Relationships Identified by
            Latest Action

            Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2013 Identical bill
            11/20/2013 Referred to the Committee on Ways and
            Means, and in addition to the Committee on Transportation and
            Infrastructure, for a period to be subsequently determined by the
            Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall
            within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

            Unemployed Jobhunters Protection and Assistance Act of 2013 Related bill
            12/16/2013 Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

            Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act Related bill
            02/12/2014 Referred to the Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management.

            Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act Related bill
            02/28/2014 Sponsor introductory remarks on measure.

            Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014 Related bill
            01/29/2014 Referred to the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials.

            Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2013 Related bill
            12/11/2013 Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 259.

            Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act Related bill
            02/06/2014 Motion by Senator Reid to reconsider the
            vote by which second cloture was not invoked on the bill (Record Vote
            No. 24) made in Senate.

            A bill to provide for the extension of certain unemployment benefits, and for other purposes. Related bill
            01/16/2014 Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 296.

            Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014 Related bill
            03/05/2014 Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 315.

            Responsible Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014 Related bill
            03/10/2014 Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 318.

        • Jay

          Yeah it’s basically just sending it back to the House to vote on the new Senate passed language on the older House passed bill. So it goes straight to vote and doesn’t have to be proposed by the Speaker since it already passed.

          • t

            oh ok, so it does have to go back to the house.

        • Hope this helped

          I googled the bill for myself and it does show this bill already passed the house on 3/11 and it’s regarding emergency responders like firefighters

    • Here’s info

      Yes this is wonderful news because the house already passed this bill on 3/11/14 this is just to attach unemployment extensions to it then senate votes and it goes straight to the president google this bill for yourself it’s great news

      • t

        This is wonderful news, but are you absolutely sure this does not have to go through the house and now only the senate has to vote on it??

        • True info

          A bill never goes to the house to be voted on twice ! No such thing I just asked my father who is way into politics and says this is the best way for it to go !!! The senate only votes it the speaker does not see it again if it passes tomorrow guys hate to break it to you this roller coaster is finally over ! It’s gets signed ti president by Friday !

          • More info

            And the bill 3979 you can track it !! It already passed house on 3/11/14 only needing a vote from senate and it goes to president look at the bill tonight for yourself !! It’s the best things senate has done for us was attach it this way it’s wayy faster

      • You are wrong

        You are wrong it goes back to house committee run by Boner
        If it gets through the house then it goes to president

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    valve http://www.baypa.com.tr Just looked at it. Sounds good.

  • To the OP…

    Thank you for posting this info. It’s nice to read how hopeful and happy everyone is!

    • Anja

      Very welcome (:

  • what’s going on?

    why does it state on ‘rollcall’ that the EUC bill attached to H.R. 3979 has to go to the House for a vote?..I thought it didn’t have to back to the House.

    • Pink Mediumwood

      It has to go back to the house because of the added senate language related to EUC. But it does appear to bypass the up/down ‘no house vote’ firewall that the drunkard Boner has been rattling his Jack Daniels swords with, and this is a significant improvement!

      • what’s going on?

        then it still has to have a majority yes vote from the House to pass.

        • Pink Mediumwood

          Yes, but word is without the Boner contingent in the way there is a very good chance it will pass. That being said, nothing is absolutely certain yet. But there is cause for renewed optimism – True Optimism!

  • world police

    America….. FUCK YA!!!!

  • Kate??

    What does Kate have to say about this?

    • oh lord jeebus shitfaced

      Who is Kate? And who cares what she has to say unless she is a senator? Can’t you click a link on your own and then do a little research as to how bills are passed?

      • p

        Why are you posting negative responses? We don’t need negative nancy here.

        • oh lord jeebus shitfaced

          I agree. So why are you being negative towards me? I feel that comment I replied to implies none of this potentially good news is true unless some “Kate” chimes in when all it takes to confirm the facts is clicking a link and then learning how bills are passed. What is it that you think “Kate” could add that would be less negative or more positive then what we already know?

          • I think I understood!

            I think the mention of Kate was a joke, because she makes a lot of comments. It’s the way I took it!

  • Debbie Downers UNITE !!!!!

    I don’t like this at all. I am sick of any and all encouraging news. What I like to do is post how sick I am of reading all this up and down stuff….but then continue to read it all day every day and night anyhow so I have reason to complain and not just move on with my life. You see…I AM the Negative Nancy..but not the troll. The troll is not concerned if this passes or not…it is only concerned with being a troll. If it does pass then the troll will just move onto another topic and do what it does best…troll and dwell under bridges.

    • p

      YOU are a troll. We are all good and you are the only one bringing negativity.

      • Debbie Downers UNITE !!!!!

        Uhhh.. no. read the thread. As far as my post yes it is facetious and sarcastic but it is what we have had to deal with since day one of the cutoff and all I have ever done is try to give a little encouragement on a website full of trolls and downers. And don’t worry I have compiled a shitlod of posts and comments that will make a great thread if they can pass this.

        • p

          Well, why are you being negative and bringing up what you had to deal with in the past? You are only being a downer.

    • MK-EUC

      Yes it sucks and – de-facto psychological warfare is being engaged in by the executive and legislative branches. They want to enforce their master-slave relationship with the voting public by appearing to be competing and obstructing eachother in ways that work well as soundbytes. But their true paymasters, the Cock Bros. and Soros, always end up compromising on something during their de-facto countermoves during their attempts obtain absolute supremacy.

      Since nothing in life is guaranteed (except death, taxes, and perhaps the fact that at any given moment there is alcohol in Boner’s bloodstream) the co-opt’d red-blue conglomerate, a perfect union of corporate and state interests, has been using their PR-approved ‘facts’ to play us the whole time, sowing fear and uncertainty.

      This should a mind-opening lesson to anyone currently employed who thinks their experience with a layoff while uncomfortable would not ultimately become a practice in slow torture and the loss of everything they have worked for. We in the EUC population are in an economic non-recovery long-term-unemployed scenario. Most of the outside spectators are largely ignorant about what it really means to them, personally; they lack ultimate foresight unless they utter ‘But for the grace of God go I…’. So it would appear this lesson is not reaching enough people and instead they will at some point go to the hot-seat alone without any foreknowledge of what it will actually do to them.

      The Ukraine crisis was icing on the cake since it let the co-opt’d red-blue conglomerate, a perfect union of corporate and state interests, take another vacation before engaging in further DC-based backroom deals, all the while allowing them to engage in more psychic-driving of the EUC population (and a small segment of the aware employed population).

      Imho, Whatever makes this EUC pass if it passes will be the result of occult (unseen) deals and agreements which may never see the light of day.

      • MK-EUC

        excuse the missing ‘to’ word in paragraph 1 – a careful reader would spot it immediately – I need to proofread my shit better.

        • anon

          You missed a comma on page 7 chapter 2 paragraph 57 line 23.

          • MK-EUC

            Oh shit, thanks for pointing that out. I’ve really gotten sloppy. Some sort of special psychic-driving is probably called for.

      • Who is behind the wheel?

        Sometimes I forget that no one knows anything…about anything. Thank you for being one of the smart ones.

  • twel166154

    I just looked up H.R. 3979 and it is a bill to protect volunteer firefighters and emergency responders, It did pass the house. What i cannot find is where the U.I. bill has been attached. If true, this would if passed go to committee and then to the president bypassing the full house altogether.

    • Look harder?

      I think you missed it then. If you go to the link that was left many posts ago….

      And scroll down to the bottom, you will find this nugget..

      “During Wednesday’s session, cloture was filed on the motion to proceed toH.R.3979, the legislative vehicle for the Unemployment Insurance Compensation Extension and on Executive Calendar #573, John B. Owens, of CA, to be US Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit. Under the rule, the first cloture vote would occur Friday morning; it is possible one or both could be moved to Thursday.”

  • Anonymous

    Now THIS is how a thread is done. Bravo and thanks everyone.

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