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June 10, 2013 · 5 comments

in Where's my Money!?

I used WEB CERT for the first time Sunday, as of today (Monday) it still says SUBMITTED. Whats the normal procedure for getting paid this way?


  • jj

    you probably have a phone interview coming, thats what it usually means when the submit date changees everyday. you should call this numer immediately 213-477-1405, you will get thru

    • jreabold311

      YOU ARE A GODSEND!! I just called and spoke to my representative who randomly answered the phone, WEIRD COINCIDENCE!, and while on the phone, he had changed my address, changed my phone number, approved me for my benefits, issued backlog claim forms thru the end of june, and issued my new debit card out today. unbelievable. phew, now i can take a breather. thank you so much for putting the phone number out!! You have no idea how much help that made

  • AC

    Mine always says that. It doesn’t change to issued until the next day after I’ve gotten it. Wait until tonight or tomorrow night before worrying about it. It’ll likely be just fine.

    • Screw EDD

      my date submitted changed from yesterday to today and no payment……great thanks EDD for ruining my life

      • AC

        Payments won’t start coming in until 8:30. Mine usually hits near 10pm.

        It changes for some of us, doesn’t mean there is a problem.

        Relax, don’t overreact and give it a couple of days before worrying.

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