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July 14, 2013 · 8 comments

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I made a mistake and clicked on the wrong question using web- cert and it told me to use paper form. I certified via tele-cert. I wanted to knw if I ca edd on Monday morning can the left the mistake and allow me to web -cert? Also if I tele-cert typically how long will it take for my benefits to hit my card?

  • Tamarisk

    As others have said, you’ll need to call EDD and ask. When I Web-Cert on sunday afternoons, I have the money by Tuesday when I log into the B of A EDD card site. It might arrive Monday night, but I got better things to do than keep checking every five minutes and then posting here that “I got my money”

  • Ladiilocee

    O.ok thanks for your help. But do u guys think that EDD has the ability to left that and let me web cert ? Becaus I tele-certed at midnight and mailed my claim form in as well.

  • iris

    I think edd has the ability to fix it pretty easily where they can use the tele-cert info or your mailed in claim form info to process that pay period and issue you your payment but like I said before the best way for them to handle that is to have them clear up all confusion in the phone call. I was having all type of things go wrong with my claim but once I got through on the phone they made all corrections and issued my payment withing 24 hours. Good luck and try the tip I gave it will get you on the line with a rep. quickly.

    • Ladiilocee

      Thanks Iris I will be on the line at 8:00 AM… 🙂

      • iris

        Glad to help. Let me know how it goes.

        • Ladiiloce

          Iris I sure will 🙂

  • Ladiilocee

    It all worked out got paid tonight like I would normally if I woulda web-certed… Thanks for all the help

    • iris

      Glad to hear. Happy spending.

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