week 1 and 2

March 1, 2017 · 1 comment

in Where's my Money!?

Week 1 Certification Status
Duplicate for week ending 01/21/2017

Week 2 Certification Status
Duplicate for week ending 01/28/2017

what does this mean and how come i have only received my first payment and not the rest of them.

and why does it keep saying to reopen my claim when i had opened a new claim in February and they want me to open another one for the new benefit year? whats that mean.
this in advance

  • EDD

    You probably messed up on those weeks which is why it states duplicate. Since it is March, based on the date you submitted this thread, the weeks available to you are old and may be consider late if you certify for them.. When you have not submitted a claim form over a month your claim normally closes and you’ll have to reopen your claim. Hopefully you were able to get this taken care of.

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