What A Brilliant Back Alley Way to Steal Our Money

September 27, 2017

in Pissed!

I had a partial kidney nephrectomy due to cancer on 08/11/17. I tried to go online and file a claim for temp disabilty and the damn system keeps stating it cannot match my name as entered to Ca DMV even though I am looking at my CDL and enetring it just as directed. I gave up and started calling the EDD and to date I have never been able to talk to a person, the system hangs up on me because the maximum number in the que has been reached! I tried emailing, no response. I had to return to work earlier than my doctor wanted because I was out of PTO time at work and hey….I need to pay my bills. A last resort will be paper claim. How many folks just give up and never get any money? If they were my employer and not paying my wages I could file a claim with the CA Labor Commissioner, hey now that’s an idea! Like I said…what a brilliant back alley way to steal my money!!!

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