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First time on UI, so I won a small casino winning a week ago it is under $2,000 do I still need to report that on my claim form? I’ve asked the one stop centers and they all seem to be confused. One tells me no you dont because it is unearned income the other said yes. Obviously cant get a hold of EDD Yes I’ve read the handbook it does not mention anything.
Serious answers only please.

  • Celticgal

    From what I gather (could be wrong) the purpose of unemployment benefits is to provide financial assistance to
    households who need help while searching for work. If you receive any income at
    all, earned or unearned, while receiving benefits, you must report it to your
    state unemployment insurance agency. It is up to the unemployment insurance
    agency to determine if the income you received will affect your weekly
    unemployment benefit amount. I would report it just to be on the safe side. They will most like deduct that money from your benefits however, I am not sure about the tax ramifications, unemployment will most likely not deduct the entire amount since gambling winnings are generally taxed higher.

  • Don’t report that

    A casino win is not income, earning or wages.

    Do not report it.

    And congrats. 🙂

    • T

      I agree, you winning money at a casino is not an earned wage. It would be like reporting money you made from having a yard sale or something. I would not report the winnings, Congrats to you!!

  • ConfusedinCA

    Casino, lottery winnings, inheritances, severance payments, vacation payments and disbursement from a Medical Savings Account, etc. are all NOT wages. ‘

    The only money you are required to report to the Department is wages received for work performed, commissions, bonuses, jury fees and pension payments.

    • Keith B. Rosenberg

      The EDD website now specifically mentions severance payments.

  • CMC

    Copied this response off of WIKIANSWERS:
    If you read each state’s regulations pertaining to income, you’re required to report ALL income in the week you receive it and they will adjust your benefits accordingly, especially if the amount exceeds the benefit.
    Most States Unemployment Offices Have A Q&A Section Posted On Their Web Site Concerning Unemployment Benefits.

    If You Win A Small Amount From The Lottery ($100 Up to Approx. $1000) You “Do Not” Have To Report The Winnings To Anyone.

    You Would Be Required To Report Winnings That Would Require That You Go To The Local Lottery Office To Collect Your Winning. Usually You Would Also Be Required To Pay Taxes On Those Winnings. As Well As Report Those Winnings To The IRS At Tax Time. As Some States See Those Winnings As Income (At A Certain Dollar Amount).

    But, If You Are Able To Collect Your Winnings At The Store Of Purchase, “Without Providing You Person Information” (Name, D.O.B., SS#). Then “NO” You Would Not Be Required To Report Your Winnings To Anyone! Remember The State Runs The Lottery ….. If You Owe Them …. They Would Get Theirs Before You Got Yours …… Usually.

  • Let Today be the Day

    It is not necessary to report gambling winnings, lottery winnings, investment income, passive rental income, etc. The question on the claim form states, “Did you work or earn any money, whether you were paid or not?” It does not ask if you received money from
    investments, gifts, winnings, etc. The criteria for eligibility for collecting unemployment benefits is different than the criteria for eligibility for collecting welfare, such as food stamps, SSI and other cash assistance. Unemployment benefits are not asset-based. Welfare benefits are asset-based.

    I won more than $10K in September (with a $30 casino promo coupon!) and confirmed this information with my attorney. The casino gave me a Form W-2G that reports the winnings to the IRS. I will pay federal and state taxes on the winnings. If you have any doubts, continue to call EDD until you feel assured that you do not need to report your winnings. My advice is, “Don’t invite trouble”. Good luck and congratulations.

    • Janine

      Did that change your benefit amount even though not reported?

      • Let Today be the Day

        No. Gambling winnings have no impact on unemployment benefits in California. You can find the information about the requirements for reporting earnings in the booklet that was mailed to you by EDD, “A Guide To Benefits and Employment Services”, on Page 16. The booklet is also available online through a link on the EDD website.

  • Janine

    Thanks for the replies!

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