• Melissa

    It is very, very hard to get unemployment if you voluntarily quit. Your chances go way down.

  • Fart Finkelstein

    send a message online (edd site > contact edd> ask edd) about your interview to get a response. they’re supposed to make a decision within 10 days and mail it to you.

    get the response and if you’re approved, fill out the claim forms and get paid… if you’re denied, you can appeal with a third party. if you win the appeal should get your payments up until you start working. in my opinion, it’s worth it. don’t let the system discourage you and congrats on the job.

  • Charlie

    The rule of thumb is if you voluntarily quit, you won’t be eligible for UI unless it’s an extreme circumstance where you have no choice (danger to your own life, health, etc) or a VERY VERY good reason where it left you no choice, but to do so. That’s what I got when I was reading the UI manual. It has all the “rules/regs” on what can or cannot disqualify you for UI. If you knew you were gonna get laid off, you should have gone that route while looking for another job so that way you can collect UI due to you leaving your job “involuntarily”

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