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August 2, 2017 · 1 comment

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well. at first it looked like i was getting benefits. online on edd ui it showes how much a week and the total amount. so i certefied for benefits, waited and it said disqualification now that i certefied the second time it says it agian. the i received a letter in the mail saying something about the tax withholdings. i called edd and a lady told me that i got denied benefits cuz i didnt worked in the past 12 month. i receivbed benefits before started last july on the 25th of 2016 and i ran out jan. 2017. so i reapplied june 2017. idk if i applied to early or what but it is still showing online that i have abalance. and i never received a denie letter saying i got denied and should fiele for an appeal, no instead i keep receiving the continued claim forms. so im confused. plus the senate approved extensions for 2017.dose someone know whats going on

  • Unemployed Samaritan

    In order for u to have 2 claims back to back, u just have returned to work in the labor market. The state cannot charge ur employer for two claims. U needed to work and earn at least $1300 in the past 12 months. Send those stubs to the address on the paperwork u got

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