• abc

    What error message are you getting?
    There were people in the past who put their wrong phone number in (e.g. home phone versus cell phone).
    There was also someone who put the wrong weekly amount in, it should be the amount from the original award letter (before any taxes withheld).

    • guest

      Yeah had to be 8 exactly and i had to put that special character first once you get in you can change your pass to what you want and it works fine

      I put special character then 6 letters and then one number

  • anonymous

    Thanks for your response abc.

    the error message (in red) says “The personal identification information provided is invalid. Please
    check the values and try again. If the problem persists, please try
    again in an hour.”

    And I have made sure ALL my info is correct, multiple times.

    There are some others seem to be having this problem as well.

    • Oakland64

      I have been having the same problem. Taking another look at my award letter I saw it had my middle initial. I entered the middle initial as part of my first name and finally was able to register e.g. “First M” instead of “First” Also, I reduced my password to EXACTLY 8 characters which probably didn’t have anything to do with it but who knows.

      • Bob

        While this is a late response, for anyone else reading this forum I had the exact same issue but even changing my name didn’t help.

        After a secondary reading of the primary webpage (with instructions) it states if you changed your phone number and or address or earned any wages during your claim period, you have to submit via mail for the rest of your claim.

  • Barolo

    The webcert issues described here are very puzzling. People like abc and myself as well as many others were able to register easily on webcert. As much as we are critical of EDD in this instance I think either you guys are using incorrect information or are using the wrong browser. Keep us updated, it just makes no sense…

    • anonymous

      Thanks for your response Barola. I appreciate that you did not call those of us that are unable to register on webcert stupid idiots like I have seen some posters do. But honestly, ALL my info is correct and I have tried many, many times. I think EDD  must have my info wrong on their end if it doesnt match or else its an intermittant problem with the system. I dont see how it van be the browswer because I am able to log on to the site/ page and enter all the info it just wont let me register and besides I have tried both Firefox and Internert Explorer and I acan access the site fine with both of those, I just can’t register. . The problem seems to be is when I try to enter a password and I am DEFINITELY following the instructions concerning special charcters, upper case, etc. Thanks again for your response

      • Barolo

        I vaguely remember a post in the past from someone who had a similar issue and when the person called EDD she/he found out they had wrong information in their system. It is just very perplexing because if you have been able to telecert in the past then the information should match up on webcert too…

      • abc

        Are you absolutely sure that the data you entered matches what the EDD has on file for you? Did you verify against either mailings you received from them and/or screen prints of your original UI application? I’m thinking that there must be something that you are entering that doesn’t match what is on the EDD databases. As a former software engineer who wrote computer programs, they are probably matching field by field for your data, if anything doesn’t match exactly, it rejects it and sends an error message to you.

        Yes, if you are getting into the site, it is not your browser.

        • Barolo

          I side with abc. If you enter one single item different/wrong from what EDD has on file for you then you will get an error message forever. I used to do customer support for several online companies. People would call in pissed off about being unable to create accounts and/or login and 99.9% of the time it was an error on their part. I am not saying that is the case with people on this thread but oth er explanations do not seem very feasible.

        • abc

          If you originally filled for UI online, then the EDD systems captured whatever you entered. So if you took a screen print (I always do that even when I order stuff online) you should be able to see what you entered. If you filed for UI using a paper form, then some worker bee at the EDD had to enter that data for you, and who knows, they could have easily transposed a digit in your birthday or phone number, etc. However, you should be able to verify your SSN and mailing address from the mailings you receive from the EDD.

    • mike

      i am getting the same F error ” (in red) says “The personal identification information provided is invalid. Please check the values and try again. If the problem persists, please try again in an hour.” I wish there is a way to sue these MF’S.

      • reality

        Not sure if you noticed, but this thread is two years old, they have a new Deloitte “system” now which does less than the system they had. I wish you good fortune.

      • going postal

        Im getting it too. what a fucking joke!!! i have tried every variation possible and it just dont work. What should I expect from such a well oiled machine as this piece of shit state we live in. just absolute bullshit! been laid off for two months (first time since 1984 by the way) and havent received a penny yet. I know i am not capitalizing letters and all that crap but I dont care. i do consider myself a fairly intellegent person but this entire EDD system is absolutely freaking absurd. cant even get one of these piece of shit workers on a phone. made an email complaint and not reply for more than two weeks now. ready to explode!! by the way, wont be able to even attempt to call after a few more days because my phone will be shut off due to these fucking idiots. man I am pissed! can you tell? GRRRRR!

        • Laid Off

          I’m getting the personal info error message too, but I know I’m not typing anything wrong. It’s been like this for two weeks. What a horrible system.

        • Mbk

          I’ve tried and tried as well to set up a password and it won’t take it.Than I try to call them and can never get through. I finally end up driving to the edd building and speak to someone at the desk and she recommended I call them.Its’ one big funhouse

  • Chicalik53

    WTF! I can’t certify by phone either! I tried to register on line and am having problems with my personal info. I know it is correct and am getting pissed! I have bills to pay on tuesday and now have to send the paper form whiuch will take 2 more dats! How do we fix this?

  • anonymous

    Thank you again  Barola and abc. Yes I am absolutely sure.   I know what my personal information is and I have entered it over and over. There are quite a few like me now that are having problems registering on EDD atv this time. Just becasue there are many who WERE able to register does not mean the ones that can’t are at fault now. There seems to be a problem with new people registering NOW. Are there any new people that are able to do it right now? That is what I would like to know. Thanks.. With all other  problems EDD has why is it so difficult for some to accept that this could also a problem with EDD?

    • abc

      EDD does screw up. CalJobs is still down even though it should have been up by now:
      System Alert: CalJOBSSM will be
      down Friday 7/20/2012 from 6:00PM to 1:00AM
      What this tells me, is that they probably took the site down so they could install a new software release, and in the process screwed it up. That’s why it is still down. There is an error message displayed concerning an executable software module.

      Also, with that software release, they probably screwed up TeleCert too which is why it is down for everyone.

      If software development is done correctly, it should be thoroughly tested in a test environment before installed into a production environment that the customers (us) access.

      • Barolo

        …and since most people certify on Sundays why would the EDD developers do an update on a Sunday? It does not sound very smart…

  • runforestrun

    same problem here, i believe we are restricted due to claim amount granted maybe running out. Once you run out of money on any tear  they stop sending you a claim form as well. You need to call them and ask them what the deal is…and hopefully continue your claims. If I don’t receive my claim form by Monday I’ll be calling on Tuesday.

  • FrustratedUser

    I am trying to help my friend register on web-cert as well and she is getting the same error message as you, “The personal identification information provided is invalid. Please check the
    values and try again. If the problem persists, please try again in an hour” We’ve tried changing the phone number and the amount. We’ve also tried to contact edd via phone for the last 2 hours on both of our cell phones. I can’t believe they are that busy that our calls will not get through. Please let me know if you figure this problem out, as we are facing the same issues.

    • FrustratedUser

      I also wanted to add that when i signed up via web-cert, I was able to do so with no problem at all.

  • fucktheeconomy

    Im getting the same error, fuck edd. I finally did the telecert but it take 3 days to go into your account, Thanks ali baba for telling me that it goes into your account right away

  • NADavis

    This is an old thread but I finally got mine resolved so I thought I would chime in incase anybody else looks this up because they were having the same probs. I had to grab the paper claim form and I noticed that it’s addressed to N A Davis when I was trying to register just with my name Nancy Davis. Then my password had to be at least 8 letters, contain an upper case letter, a number and either a !@#. etc. SO look at your paper claim form and see exactly how they address it and try that. I am still screwed registering did not help but at least maybe I could help somebody else. Does anybody know if I still have to fill out what jobs I was paid for if I was paid for those weeks already? The whole reason I wanted to register online is I never get my nail with 6 roomates so when I finally got 3 claim forms I saw they were “x”‘d but I had tele-certed for them already. Thanks!!

  • RK

    I got the same error message for quite sometime. I check out the facebook.com/californiaedd and post a thread asking
    them about the error message before I went into the Edd office. Here
    is the replied I got… “If you have tried all of the recommended steps at the link above, and verified
    that your personal information matches the information supplied to the
    department at the time the claim was filed, and you are still
    unsuccessful in registering, then supply your specific claim
    information to AskEDD at the following link: https://askedd.edd.ca.gov/asp/frmEDDCOMM.aspx?CategoryID=7

    • Select EDD Web-Cert as the Sub-Category
    • Select EDD Web-Cert Unable to Register as the topic

    Once submitted, you will get a reference number. I was replied back with the same instruction on how to register via webcert.

    A friend of mine mentioned that they might have technical support at the EDD office so I went in, thinking there is one. The EDD personnel was kind enough to direct me to the phone in the office and dial the 1-800 since there is no tech support in branch. I stated my issue of unable to “Register” using WebCert for my account. My trial and errors trying to register anytime of day and night were unsuccessful. Didn’t matter is I use Safari, IE8, or Firefox, still unsuccessful. I did say anything that has to be done, it must be done at the application level, to RESET the account, or get rid of any possible issues preventing me from Registering (blank or null character in the field when I applied for UI benefits.)

    I had requested the representative to escalate and have the Help Desk support in Sacramento to view any possible issues with my access and to RESET the account so that I can register using the WebCert. The representative then submitted the case to Sacramento and told me to check back after the 3rd business day. Well, I am now able to Register via WebCert on the 3rd business day.

    If anyone wants to call the 1-800 number, make sure you ask the representative to request while you are on the line with him/her and ask when can you check back. They don’t always give you a confirm or reference number, I didn’t get one.

    I hope this helps…

    As for TeleCert – I was told by the EDD personnel that you will probably not get the “Review Responses” option. I never got one and I have used the TeleCert twice already.

  • Kelz

    Same problem here – no resolve.

  • Mike Orther

    Google “eddcomm” no quote marks

    Select “Unemployment Benefits”

    Choose “EDD web-cert Unable to Register”

    Fill out the form and Submit

  • RebeccaP

    I switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer and that worked.

    • Martin Baer

      That worked for me too. Makes sense for some reason. I also had to play with my zip code, since I had moved. So their database isn’t always in sync with the award letter information. It that has changed you may need to use the original information of your original claim. But turns out this is something that can be accomplished, I had my doubts.

  • lo011

    The personal identification information provided is invalid.

  • E

    I just filed a complaint and suggest you do the same asking EDD to fix the online issue of not recognizing personal information.


  • guest

    My sister called 1-866-333-4606 and selected option 2 to make a tele-cert. It only took 5 minutes and was very easy and actually works, unlike the EDD registration on the web. They have a spanish speaking option.

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