• GoodGod

    I hear you- it’s been almost two weeks now and I’m in the same boat. Going to have to explain to it to my better half and hope she doesn’t blow up when I say “I don’t know”.

    The supreme irony here is that I do bank with BofA, who just charged me a $35 NSF fee. Yay! Whomever put up this site- thank you. I was starting to think I was losing my mind.

  • Blake

    I did not receive my debit card either. The letter specifically said that if you do not get your card in 3 days, to call EDD. And of course, I can never get a hold of someone at EDD via phone. “Due to the amount of callers currently waiting, we are unable to take your call. Please call back at a later time.”

    This is most likely BoFA’s fault, as their methods are as unorganized as EDD’s. You do have some time to pay your child support legally, and if your ex is making a fuss about it, she can contact child services or her lawyer, who will tell her she needs to simply wait.

  • Anonymous

    It’s happening to me too. I received the letter yesterday when I usually get my check. My letter said that I will get my card 5 days after this letter. You know, the first of the month when my rents due. But I’m not going to count on that given the posts here. But listen, don’t just say “heads would roll if this was happening in the private sector.” We are officially in the private sector. OUR GOVT allowance has now been PRIVATIZED. Didn’t Thomas Jefferson warn us about the day the banks and nit the government control our money. This deal, negotiated in a dark alley between CEOs of a private industry known to be crooked with class action law suits, and our GOVT representatives. And if the legislature didn’t approve it in some tacked on clause to a bill, then it’s got to be illegal. We will look back at this moment, just like we have with the deregulation of Freddie Mac n Fannie, as the catalyst for our next national financial disaster. Today I took two seconds and called all the local news stations and told them my story. Some hadn’t even heard about it. So how about you? Gonna call?

  • EDD 5 day is BS

    and to top it all off i havnt received my card in 15 days and now BoA there system is down and has been all day. BoA and EDD r bS.i am left speechless………………………………………………………………………………………..

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