• Rocky

    I’m sorry I know it’s going to be really hard for all of us to be cut off unemployment. God Bless You

  • yo yo

    call 800-300-5616 right now and act as though you are going to telecert if it tells you you are too early to file you are in the clear, there have been weeks i haven’t gotten my claim forms and i have done this to ease my mind, dont worry though i am sure everything will be ok, good luck

    • Trina

      Thank you so much. I just called and it said exactly what you stated that it’s too early and to certify next Sunday. I’m assuming that means I’m all good. I also have sent an email through “ask edd” requesting another claim form be sent. Hopefully every thing is ok.

  • unemployed teacher

    I also did not receive my claim form in the mail that is to be submitted tomorrow. I was able to submit my claim form via tele-cert at 12:01 am Sunday.

    • Trina

      Their mistakes make me so nervous. During veterans day Web-Cert wouldn’t allow me to certify so I had to use Tele-Cert. I’d never used that before and Wasn’t sure if that would even go through because Web-Cert never updated til days later and when it did it asked for the submission on the same claim I’d already filed through Tele-Cert. I thought it would create some crazy problem but I did get my payments. This last claim was effortless but then all of a sudden for the first time no claim forms arrive so again you wonder … Did I do something? Did I get cut off? Would my former employer who was the cruelest creature on earth be trying to suddenly stop payment? I hate being on Unemployment. It’s not enough to actually live on but it’s something better than nothing to work with to buy a few grocery’s, pay bills, put gas in your auto to go looking for a job. Every day you don’t get the job you want to just die because you also realize time is running out on your claim. This whole last year has been a nightmare. I went from a stable, self providing adult to a care provider taking care of my dying mother. In the process the cost of traveling to and from Cancer Centers, appointments, medical care not covered by her medicare and medi-cal cost me dearly. If someone would have said write down your nightmare I would have said losing my mom, losing my job, and losing all my savings would pretty much do me in. In a years time one right after the other it was all taken. I walk through life now in utter shock. I’m not afforded the time to grieve as I’m scrambling to keep a roof over my head. I don’t know why as she was all I had as far as family. ( Father and brother are also deceased ) I feel as if I’m cursed and just waiting for the next horror to happen. and that would be being cut off abruptly from my only source of income right now.. unemployment. I keep asking… Where is God? Sorry for the ramble, but I keep all of this bottled up inside me as I paint a fake smile on my face every day trying to get by searching desperately for a job and going to bed every night hungry, sick to my stomach, afraid of walking the streets homeless all alone and some how trying to find sleep to deal with it all again the next day. And looming above all of that is the gut wrenching loss of my mother.

      • ConfusedInCali

        This is why I really like this site – we are all in this together and its comforting to know that others are struggling as well. I guess Misery does love company, but in our cases, we are looking for comfort and answers. I’m not sure if this is your first time on EDD, but this is my second in four years time. The first time really pissed me off because the job I was at was a great one; not only job wise, but money wise. I had my retirement all set and everything. Then the CEO of the company was dumb monkey farmer and thought she was above everyone and thus lost a huge contract for the company. Because of her arrogance, over 150 people lost their jobs. It took some over a year to find work (I was one of them). The CEO is no longer with the company. She stepped down and moved to AZ, I think. Anyhoo – just talking here.

      • yo yo

        this too is why i like the site so we can all support one another, my husband lost his job 4 years ago and even before that has dealt with a pretty bad case of ptsd from being in the military, all in all things have gone down hill for him and i have been struggling for him to get better and be able to work again, in the midst off all that i was let go of my job the week before thanksgiving of 2011, (great timing right?) after i reported harassment to HR who in turn moved my location, gave me impossible tasks, and then in the end fired me, with a month of severence in return i had to sign a paper stating i would not sue the bastards, which of course being unemployed i had to take because i had very limited savings and the husband wasnt working either, ive spent the past year since then in just a nightmare, having to move because 2 teenagers were murdered outside our window, only to move into a bed bug infested place only finding this out after we moved here, and having to throw away our couches, our bed, and now having no furniature because of that, i was online daily sending resumes and getting maybe 1 answer to every 50 resumes sent out and when i would get an interview being overlooked because i wasn’t experienced, i tried to get out of the industry i was in before (restaurant manager) but 2 weeks ago i decided to take a stab at the restaurant industry one more time, well low and behold i was offered a better job with a higher position and more money than what i was making at my last job, it took me a year to find the window after the door to my last chapter closed but i found it, and i am confident as long as you keep trying and beliving everyone here will find that window too, good luck to you all and dont stop beliving your time will come soon you just have to belive.

  • Noreen

    I have a direct phone number to EDD where you can get through right away. Email noreenlm@aol.com

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