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January 1, 2018 · 4 comments

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I just filed today on 1/1/18 and didnt expect to get paid until tomorrow, but on the status it says paid. Does this mean I will receive it today? I filed at 6am it is now 8am, I’m new to the edd and don’t know how long it takes to process payment anyone else I know if they are paying out today? The page says no, but like I said my claim says paid. Reback would be appreciated

  • Desean Groce

    It should be there by 7pm or 10pm at the latest if it says paid


    It usually always says “Paid” but that doesn’t mean that its actually been paid. After certifying (Not filing) it takes anywhere from 1-24 hours for the payment to get processed. However, you mentioned that you had just “filed” if you actually just filed which means you just opened your claim then your first payment usually takes place in least 3-4 weeks after everything has been processed.

  • Jess

    Im new to edd too but my ex coworkers told me since its your first time filing for edd and once your status says “paid” but if youre still waiting for your payment then you will need to call Bank of America EDD 1-866-692-9374 to request them to send out your BOA edd card or theyll let you know your card has been processed and inform you what date it was mailed out. I dont know why this happens or some type of miscommunication errors going on but my 2 excoworkers called they finally got their edd card $. Mine was processed on 01/04/18 via priority mail so hopefully ill get it soon. Hope this helps you!

  • David Perch

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