• Anonymous

    I feel the same way iam very late with my rent and still havent receive deposit or claim form since 12/25/2011 my mini truck is running on fumes iam very angry

  • A

    Hi there, try the following:

    – Call 800-300-5616
    – Press 1 (wait for the blah blah blah to end)
    – Press 1
    – press 1
    – press 1
    – Enter SSN
    – Enter Pin
    – listen to your check info then wait till you hear “press zero to be connected to CS”
    – Press 0 and wait.

    Note: this will only work during EDD business hours.
    Hope it helps.

  • un-employed

    Most long term unemployed are verging on disability insurance from all the bullshit stress EDD hands out!

  • uber-employed

    I used the ‘Change of Address’ option to get through. Worked twice.

  • Cdthurman007

    Dosent matter how you go about it. Seems like any avenue you take, you are going to hear”we are currently receiving more calls than we can handle please try agin later”. EDD is a scam. They collect the U.I. taxes from the employers and do what with it?

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