Will california new system realy work

October 15, 2017 · 8 comments

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California will be implementing a new online system will it work better or what suck like everything else just about

  • S0lly

    It seems like they are just combining the websites to SDI online and UI online. I found it quite easy to use. So far, so good.

    • Christian Ramz

      I already logged in to the new account successfully. I certified for 2 weeks as usual but I only got paid for one week. The second week status says “pending”. I did everything as usual and this would barely be my 3rd bi-weekly payment. Do you know why they would only pay for one week?

    • Rhonda Fitch

      Ya easy to use… But the error no one got paid….

  • Don Jennett

    I tried to login under the new rules, and the keep telling me they sent an e-mail, which they didn’t (yes, I checked my spam folder). When I login the old way (or as close to it as I can) it says, “your account is locked, try again later.” It has been saying that for almost a week (since the upgrade). I finally decided to mail it in, the old way.

    • Cindy Asrir

      I got the same thing. But since I’m paperless, I don’t get the forms in the mail. Now I’m locked out of my account, I didn’t get the email to reset it and can’t get hold of anyone. WTH is going on? I need this money to pay bills now. HELP!!!

      • Cassie

        Cindy, this happened to me too! I sent an email to EDD from their contact us section. They replied back 2 days later. They unlocked my account and sent me a link to access it. Sucks I had to go thru that but it did get fixed. Hope you can hmvet your’s fixed!

  • Rhonda Fitch

    Well it was good But I didn’t get paid and I don’t know why? It keeps telling me there is an error on the page. WTH IS GOING ON.

  • Rhonda Fitch

    I am on SDI.. money comes every two weeks on time now nothing…

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