Will EDD take my federal tax return?

January 30, 2015 · 13 comments

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I currently have an overpayment balance. Would like to know if they will take my federal tax refund. I know state refund they will take.

Let me know. Thanks

  • RedtheRed

    No, they will not take your Federal, only the state. I was in the same situation two years ago, and expected the EDD to take both my state and federal refund to satisfy the balance owed. I think since EDD is a state agency they can only take the state return.

    • Super q

      I am wondering if you knew if there was anything current because my taxes were approved and scheduled to be deposited next week but there is also a note that says part or all may be offset by edd

      • Dee

        They told me the same thing that they will take both federal and state their policy changed this year

    • Super q

      Is there any way to know if that is true for 2015, because my taxes are supposed to pay as of next week but there is a note on the irs website that says my taxes may be offset

    • edd worker

      Incorrect – EDD will now intercept your federal return as well. It is part of the TOP program begun last year.

    • Dane Smith

      Nope, EDD just took my whole Federal return today.

  • San Diego

    That really sucks I’m going thru the same here. I will get my refund tonight. 🙁

    • 60 Les Paul Dude

      Call the Treasury to find out if there is a lien on your “Federal” refund:

      1-800-304-3107 Follow automated instructions.

  • B

    They took my entire refund. I had no idea that they were going to do this. No information about it whatsoever. I’m so furious right now. And of course, I cannot for the life of me get ahold of anyone in EDD.

  • Vi Long

    EDD has been taking mine the last 3 years both state and federal.

  • Tiffany Starr

    The feds will only take your refund if your overpayment was due to FRAUD. If fraud was not the cause of your overpayment, they will only take your state refund.

    • DA

      Not sure where you are getting your information. EDD took my Federal return for 2016. Not happy. How can I get it back? That’s what I want to know.

  • EDD Can’t Help Everyone

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