• abc

    I’m curious to see what happens.  There are several of us now that have always filed via WebCert/TeleCert (in my case have not earned any wages since I got laid off) that now all of a sudden have the “X” in the box requiring us to fill out the Job Search on the back of the form.

    I’m also surprised that Telecert allowed you to file. If the system was designed properly there should have been some indicator on a database somewhere letting the system know that the “X” was in the box so that we would get an error message if we tried to file via WebCert/TeleCert.  Poor design on the EDDs part imo.

    • Shelbyl Franklin

      did you ever get your benefit without filling out the back section for No. 3?

      • Mummyguns

        I had the same situation this week. I just got paid. I use the online web-cert, my form had the box checked to complete the back, I filed online without sending any work search history because they don’t give you that option online, and I just got paid. If it isn’t bad enough not having a job, the state makes you stress out whether or not you’ll see your benefits at any given time. And then making it impossible to talk to anyone at their offices when you have a question. sigh. Whatever, I got paid so here’s to a couple of weeks without the stress.

  • Anonymus_One

    I was thinking the same thing ABC.  Goes to show us that our government lives in the stone age as far as technology goes.  If anything, I would think once EDD realizes that you needed to mail in your claim form that they will send you a new one.  Or maybe they’ll process this one through and check mark the box on the next one.  I guess you could always try calling EDD and let them know what happened.  But then again, who knows how messy that makes stuff, besides the fact that it’s extremely hard to get through to them.

  • Bo

    Here’s my take on this based on the info at http://www.edd.ca.gov/about_edd/REA_Work_Search_Requirements.htm

    I think the X box is going to be checked each time from here on out. I just had the same thing happen. According to the link above:

    ” If you certify for benefits using the paper Continued Claim form (DE 4581), document your work search for each week in Section B on the back of your Continued Claim form.

    If you certify for benefits online or by phone,
    you must separately maintain and keep record of your work search for
    each week. Be prepared to provide your work search to the EDD upon
    request. ”

    So, my question is, does the X mean they’re asking for my work search, or does it just mean keep a record and if they ask for it specifically, then be prepared to hand it over?

    • abc

      It says right on the form that if marked “X”, you must complete Sec B. Work-Search record on the reverse.

      • Bo

         Sorry, to clarify, I meant if you file ONLINE or by phone. If you file by mail then yes, you need to fill the work search out.

  • candy

    bo is right

  • Christy

    This has been confusing, but you ONLY have to fill in the work search form IF you send in the paper form. If you file by computer or phone, you just have to keep the log in case they ask for it. So even though everyone gets a paper form with an x on it now, that ONLY applies if you mail it.

    • abc

      Did your form have an “X” in the box, and you certified via WebCert anyway, AND got paid immediately?

      • abc

        So I certifed via WebCert this morning, and it said that based on my answers that I don’t need to mail the paper form (even though there was an “X” on it?). Hope this is correct and I can continue to document my jobsearch on an Excel spreadsheet.

        Will let you guys know if I get paid this week.

  • Anonymus_One

    Interesting that even the X marked in the box that you can certify by web-cert.  I mean I think that’s great.  I double checked my instructions at the top of the claim form and it said to fill out work search, sign form and to mail it in to EDD.  So I doubt web-cert will allow me file.  ABC- did you have specific instructions like that on your claim form even though it allowed web-cert filing for you?

    • abc

      I re-read the letter I received, and depending on your interpretation, Christy, Bo, and Candy may be correct.

      The proof is whether I get paid tonight. I guess we’ll see.
      It seems that all of the paper forms have the “X” in it now, but one doesn’ need to file the paper form unless there is a “Yes” to one of the questions (other than #3)? 

      I know for example, if one has worked and has wages to report, they must file a paper form as WebCert/TeleCert don’t allow the entry of that data.

      This is all new to all of us, so let’s just wait and see.

      • Xyz

        Are payments via telecert/webcert … Is it start of Monday or end of day Monday? mine has not been updated yet (only last claim updated on Debit info at telecert number), though I filed on Friday. Dont know if I should wait till EOD today or mail the paper forms.

      • Anonymus_One

        Your right about whether you receive funds tonight or not.  I hope you do, that will be great.

        For myself, my answers are all no with the exception of question #3.  No wages to report.  I only need to fill in section B.  I was just curious if the instructions at the top of the claim form of “sign form and mail back” was going to prevent web-cert filing. Or possibly when the box is checked those instructions are on the top of claim form by default for everyone and not just me?  

        I was thinking that their could be some variables in which type of filing is allowed.  Just depending on specific instructions your claim form may or may not have at the top.  Whether or not the box is checked, and what tier you are currently in.

        Like you said, we’ll wait and see what happens and go from there

        • abc

          I looked at all my forms for Tier 3, they all looked the same (but with different filing dates) except this last one had an X in the box and said to complete section B on the back. But as Christy, Bo, and Candy pointed out, you only need to document your jobsearch on the form, if you send the form in. WebCert works fine (even with the X in the box) and I got paid tonight.

  • dave

     hey guys.  i too just got my first form with the work search box marked “x”.  i don’t currently have it handy to make absolutely sure but i do recall receiving a letter after being approved for tier 1 extended benefits that stated you only need to send a work search  record if you send in the paper claim form but if you use web cert that you only had to keep a log handy in case you were contacted to show proof later on.  kind of seems a bit uneven but thats what i remember reading.  looks like abc got paid with no problem.  hopefully its the same for me.  i just completed my form online and usually get paid in 24 hours.  i really hope i dont have to start sending in the claim form by mail.  web cert is so much faster.

    • Anonymus_One

      I was just approved for tier 1 about a week ago as well.  My continued claim form had the box checked with the “x” and said to completely fill out and sign it and mail it in.  However I chose to continue to use web cert as I have been doing for the past 26 weeks.  I did mine early Sunday morning 7/8.  I usually have an email Monday night stating that funds have been loaded to BofA card.  But nothing as of yet.  I’m assuming that their still just a little behind because of the holiday last week and catching up.  So we’ll see what happens.  

  • dfasfsad

    bo is right.  When i recieved my continued claim form, section b box was marked and I still did my Web-Cert.  Everything went through normally like it always does, you just have to keep a record of your job search and IF EDD asks for it you have to show it to them upon their request.   BUT if you mail your continued claim forms then you have to fill out the section b part on the back.  So you DO NOT have to start mailing your forms if the box is marked, all you have to do is keep a record that you may have to show to EDD if they ask!

  • mass

    I got the “x” too and filed through web-cert and till received my benefits. Then I got another claim with an “x”. I think I’ll continue to file online until they ask me.

  • Desiredevo

    I need this answer too!  I’m in the exact same situation.  I sent in a question to their online thing, and the person who wrote me back, several days later, totally didn’t answer my question.  Can’t get through on the telephone…impossible!  I guess I am just waiting to see if my benefits keep coming.  

  • Shelbyl Franklin

    I have read all the comments above and you still haven’t figured it out.    I have the same question.  My logic is you ignore the Section that is checked (No. 3) and use webcert.   If in a few days you still have not received your benefit then you send in the paper form.   Right?    Does anyone have a different idea?

  • dave

    so this is my 2nd post/follow up after going ahead through web cert site to turn in my claim and i still got paid without sending in the form even though it had the “x”.  the funds were put in a little later than usual but im assuming it was because of the 4th of july holiday the previous week.  was worried there for a minute but i got paid out.  so rest assured you should still be able to do your claim online.   just make sure you keep a log of the places you’ve applied at in case they audit you down the line.

  • confused one

    Im still confused too…I’m in the same situation, will i get paid???? It’s monday evening and usually i get paid on monday evenings… submitted a claim on webcert but had an x on paper claim. What do i do??? help

  • confused one

    this is the first time i had an extension and submitted on webcert but on actual claim for had an x on work search what do i do????submit again???call edd???

  • randombastard


    Same thing happened to me this week — box marked with a X, EDD webcert available. I actually did it online before realizing the claim form now had an X.

    Got paid with no delay. I’m in agreement with those who understand this to be a case of “save your work in case you need to show it later”. I don’t think EDD really wants to mess with that, especially since the extensions are ending at the end of the year. Just have proof if they ask for it and you’ll be fine.

    Don’t mail in the form. That will just confuse EDD.

  • kia

    Is there a way to see my work search history I submitted to edd in California. I made a mistake on the work search form and was sent a duplicate, I did not save my work history information. Now I have to submit the duplicate but don’t have the work history info. to put on the form.

  • Zamo

    I did not have the X marked requiring work search info until i renewed after my first six months. Now I have an X. I was also then reporting a temp job, so i had no choice but to use the mail-in form. During that time, I could login online, but it said “use paper form. But now that the temp job is done and I indicated on the last paper form that I was done working there, I login and it says my latest claim form is ready for me to file online.

    I do notice that my box is marked with an X still, however. But my interpretation is that if I use the paper form, i report my work search, but i can and will use the online form instead, and simply keep records of my work search for whenever they might ask me for my records.

  • nancy

    does any one no What do if I marked the wrong box on my unemployment insurance continued claim form? well I bubbled it in.

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