WTF. needing my money soon

December 11, 2017 · 1 comment

in Where's my Money!?

I was a seasonal Biological Science tech/ecolo for the US forest service (federal). Laid off at end of season at the end of October. filed my claim application next day and 6 weeks later (going on 7) still waiting. They say they are waiting for my federal wages to be released (also from South Dakota where I worked for US fish and wildlife last year on my base period)….well its been 6 weeks and nothing yet. I know Im qualified to get benefits, but this is RIDICULOUS!!! would like my payments so I can afford rent and maybe xmas presents!!! Im not not hurting for money but by January I will be. fucking christtt

  • Babyjoel Sanchea

    Go to the website and find your wages, print out copies and send them to unumployment. Everyone is having problems with Federal wages being released because of the Equifax Breach. After you hear from them, theirs a chance you made a mistake, no big deal. They give you a number to call if any problems arise and they are very helpful in the Finance department, I got 3 different calls on the same day just making sure everything was being processed, after the fact. After everything was handled I’ll be getting my payments thru UI online in days.

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